Usage Example

Out of the box, Hugo has support for Youtube and Vimeo, but lacks the support for the media coming from any other resources. This is a starter for using Hugo with various media files from various resources. It is using Clappr.

Clappr is an extensible media player for the web. Your architecture is projected primarily into plugins, adding low accoupling by design to the project and the possibility to add infinitely features easily.


  1. Clone the repo:
git clone
  1. Install dependencies:
npm i
  1. Start developing:
npm start

For the other available scripts refer to the package.json, or Victor Hugo repository.

Usage in MD File

The player element can be added to your markdown, like so:

### This is some MD file

{{< video "" "my-class-name" >}}

The player element is created using Hugo shorthands.

Enjoy!! 😸